Line Fishing for black scabbardfish

Author: Rogélia Martins and Carlos Ferreira
1995 pdf 1.32Mb

Between 1980 and 1986 nine cruises were carried out on board the Research Vessel NORUEGA to study the black scabbardfish fishery in the eastern central Atlantic area around the island of Madeira to search for new fishing grounds and to introduce new fishing technologies.

The results of these studies showed that drifting vertical longlines made from mono filament are more easily worked and have greater durability, as weil as having a higher catch efficiency than those traditionally used by Madeira fishermen. The seamounts with a highest abundance of black scabbardfish were Seine, Lion and Susan. It is believed that the improved results in black scabbardfish landings in Madeira since 1982 have been due to the fact that the fishermen have replaced the tradition al hemp drifting vertical longline by the mono filament drifting vertical longline and some vessels with better equipment have started to fish on other fishing grounds with high er yields.