Development of innovative, low-impact offshore fishing practices for small-scale vessels in outermost regions

MFAD in Madeira

13 January 2019

The 2018's year of the ORFISH project ended in the best possible way: the MFAD in Madeira has been launched into the water on the 27th of December! The first monitoring sessions will start by the end of February, when the tuna season will start again! Thanks a lot to our partners from Madeira!

For more pictures, videos and if you never saw how looks like a Moored Fish Aggregating Device (MFAD), please visit this page.

ORFISH workshop #3

29 October 2018

The workshop was held at the Instituto Español de Oceanografía, Tenerife (Canaries Islands), from the 16th to the 19th of October 2018.

This workshop was focused on the activities of its Work Packages 3 and 4. The WP3 is dedicated to developing and testing low-impact fishing techniques adapted to the biogeographical conditions of each ORs. The WP4 is dedicated to creating alternative sustainable fishing opportunities. This workshop also concluded the WP2 that looked at collecting data on fisheries in the ORs on socioeconomic issues, on potential user conflicts at sea and on experimental fisheries.

MFAD in Azores

5 August 2018

In July, Nicolas Diaz expert on MFAD from the Region of Guadeloupe, and Léa Lebechnech from Vertigo Lab, went to the Azores in order to support the building of the MFAD and the workshops organised in parallel.

The Archipelago has been made available to the ORFISH project for the realisation of the mooring of the MFAD. In few hours, the operation was well completed, and the MFAD perfectly moored.

More information here.

New Testimonial: Luís

10 April 2018

Luís Rodrigues, Regional Fisheries Director of the Azores, agreed to participate to the testimonials collection effort by the ORFISH project.

Luís speaks about the world of fisheries, its communities and its importance. He underlines as well the necessity for the Ocean to be generally protected. Check it out here!

If you are interested or know a fisherman interested in contributing, please contact us.

Launch of the library and testimonials modules

1 March 2018

The ORFISH project is releasing two new modules of its website.

The Library, an open repository of free documents on small-scale fisheries. The Testimonials module will collect texts, pictures and videos of fishermen of outermost regions.

Contributions of everyone interested are welcome! Contact us if you are interested.

New Testimonial: Felix

1 March 2018

The videos of Felix are the first outcome of the testimonials collection effort by the ORFISH project.

Felix is a fisherman from La Désirade, Guadeloupe (France). He tells us about his fishing techniques, about the recent evolutions of the way fishermen are working in La Désirade, and much more. Check it out here!

If you are interested or know a fisherman interested in contributing, please contact us.

A trip to the ORFISH MFAD of Azores?

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Mooring of the Madeira MFAD

The Orfish project

The ORFISH project aims at providing a platform for exchange of knowledge on low-impact offshore fishing techniques among fishers from the outermost regions.

The project pursues three main objectives: developing and optimizing fishing techniques in order to alleviate fishing pressure on coastal fish resources; raising awareness of the opportunities to develop innovative low-impact fishing techniques for small-scale fisheries; and creating alternative sustainable fishing opportunities that will help consolidate jobs in the fishing industry.

The ORFISH partners come from French, Portuguese and Spanish outermost regions. The project ORFISH is coordinated by the Guadeloupe Region.